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Makeup The makeup acts and stimulates three of our senses: touch (which includes all the sensations on the surface of the body), smell (fragrance) and sight (the process of conversion and search for beauty). Positive stimulation of these senses through makeup can induce sensory, even psychological, pleasure.

To learn about girls’ connection to their makeup, we interviewed several groups of girls about their quality of life and their makeup habits. Then, through four well-validated standard psychometric questionnaires, we examined the possible relationship between training needs and specific psychological characteristics.

Our first results clearly showed that the trick could support two opposite functions “up”, namely “camouflage” versus “seduction”. As for their psychological profiles, the results showed that women in the “camouflage” functional class are more anxious, defensive and emotionally unstable than those in the “seduction” functional class, who seem to be more sociable, assertive and extroverted.

Subsequent analyzes revealed a division of the 2 classes into subclasses of volunteers with opposite personalities and psychological profiles. This new classification allowed us to define more precisely the relationships existing within the subjective experience of the girls during the makeup process.

Finally, our study revealed that in addition to the direct application of colored products on the face, makeup has two important functional implications, relying on the precise psychological profiles of the girls.

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Facial There is such a lot pollution round the world. Our body especially the face, often needs a touch little bit of extra care. That caring is named facial. this is often one among the simplest ways to require of skin. A facial cleans exfoliate & nourishes the skin, promoting a transparent well attractive complexion.

It helps your skin look younger. The facial is that the second most spa treatment after a massage within the art of skincare. Nice Beauty Parlour, The best beauty parlour in cherupuzha, Kannur do te best facial option which makes you face glow like a queen.

Types of facial

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Threading Complete Skin Solutions Facial Threading Spring is that the Perfect Way for straightforward Facial Hair Removal for ladies Effectively Remove Unwanted Face Hair Without the utilization Of Tweezers Or Expensive Laser Treatment, Waxing & Threading Systems Quick And Painless Hair Removal.

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face bleach

Face Bleach The best beauty parlour in cherupuzha, Nice Beauty Parlour offer the best service in cherupuzha, Kannur offers you best service in face bleach. Beside, its distinct smell that’s unmistakable, face bleach features a lot of doubts and confusion surrounding it.

The list of required face bleach benefits includes tanning, pigmentation, even blackheads and acne removal, pore cleansing and oil control. But what percentage of those are true, what percentage face bleach benefits are fact, are some things few women really know.

This post will offer you answers to:

  1. How does face bleach work?
  2. Is face bleach good for you?
  3. What are the important face bleach benefits?
  4. The way to make a natural face bleach at home?
  5. Which are the highest 7 face bleach creams in India (with a price table!?

How Does Face Bleach Work?

Face bleach may be a purely chemical substance, its chief component being peroxide, which is that the bleach. Peroxide brightens facial hair and makes the face brighter and fairer. Face bleach does not lighten the skin.

What Are Some Proven Face Bleach Benefits?

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Face Bleaching Before and After

Face Bleach Benefit #1 – It makes your face look brighter, instantly

The chemicals in face bleach creams lighten your facial hair to a light-weight golden hue in 10 minutes, giving your face a moment glow.

Face Bleach Benefit #2 – It saves you the pain of threading

You can hide unwanted dark facial hair without going through the painful process of threading your face.

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Benefit of facial bleach n. 3: makes pigment marks clearer

Bleach lightens the face evenly, making pigmentation or facial imperfections clearer.

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